Dear Friends,

As you may know, I was first elected to the Board of the NRMA in 1990, and re-elected at every election thereafter, including the 2005 Board election where I received the highest number of votes of all candidates.

For almost 2 decades, I have championed the mutual cause, stood up to wrongdoing and opposed corporate excesses.

We will continue to fight for MAG's policies to:

•  Ban members' funds being donated to any political parties

•  Reduce your annual membership fee by rebating profits

•  Restore free membership for 50 year members & free NRMA Plus to 25 year members

•  Oppose compulsory ā€œSā€ Plates for senior drivers

•  Investigate establishing NRMA petrol stations to save fuel costs for members and end the weekly price cycle

•  Ban directors overseas trips, excessive executive salaries, & multiple directors' fees for subsidiary companies

•  Investigate establishing a new mutual insurer to rebate profits to policyholders & subsidise your road service

•  Reverse the 60% increase in directors fees

•  Restore NRMA's own vehicle inspection service & increase road patrolmen numbers

•  Restore members' right to elect all 9 directors

A number of scandals have been reported in the press in the last years.   Chief amongst these are the donations to political parties, and the use of company funds to promote the incumbent Board.   I invite you to read the following articles:

I urge you, your family and friends to take a stand and voice your support for MAG policies



Yours mutually

Richard Talbot