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June 2008

NRMA Members Now Paying he Price

2 million NRMA members are now paying record increases in their road service fees as well as petrol prices. The average road service fee has gone up from $55 in 2001 to $87.30 in 2007, a rise of 60%. The fee for long term members (25 years membership with increased benefits) has gone up from $55 to $135.90, a rise of 150%

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26th March 2008

Government Bonds; Not Selling-off Assets To Fund New Infrastructure

The NSW Government has been asked to re-issue once popular government bonds to fund new road, rail and services infrastructure projects instead of selling-off publicly owned infrastructure such as the electricity generation network to pay for such works.

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20th March 2008

Competion Needed to Bring Down Petrol Prices

More competition in the petrol industry is needed to bring down prices, said the recently appointed Petrol Price Commissioner.

Half of the petrol sold in Australia is through outlets controlled by major retailers Woolworths and Coles. Every week the petrol price   cycles from a low early in the week to a high nearing the weekend. Expect a big price hike for Easter!

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