"Friends, it is with great sadness I have to report to you of the recent passing of three of MAG's honoured supporters, Peter Andren, Ian Yates and Dick Bennett.

Peter Andren

was a legend ... a true independent, a man of great principles & integrity and an all round good bloke. Peter was a long time supporter MAG's efforts and on a number of occasions during question time in Parliament made statements about the NRMA requesting there be an inquiry into the NRMA and for ASIC to take action
I last spoke with Peter just 2 weeks before his passing and he encouraged MAG to keep promoting the philosophy of mutual ownership and corporate accountability.

Peter asked that MAG form its own independent political party for the next State election.
With your support we will do just that We would like your opinion.

Vale Peter Andren (link to ABC article dated 3/11/2007 "Leaders remember Andren as 'man of principle'")

Ian Yates

was elected to the NRMA on the MAG ticket in 1997. He was staunchly opposed to Nic Whitlam's regime and the NRMA's split-up & demutualisation. No more loyal & fearless boardroom ally could I have ever had by my side.

Ian was intelligent, enthusiastic, courageous and never afraid to confront his advesaries. His obitiuary in the Sydney Morning Herald 29/8/2007 honours his tenacity and his challenges.

Ian, just like his father Ken (who was a founder of the credit union movement in Australia), was a champion of the 'not for profit' mutual cause & following the NRMA's demutualisation in 2000 continued to encourage MAG to pursue re-establishing a mutual insurer to again subsidise the NRMA Roadservice.

This will continue to be a core policy in MAG's election platform

Vale Ian Yates

Dick Bennett


a true believer in the benefits of mutual insurance.

As an insurance broker & holder of an AFS licence he knew better than most that the real winners of the demutualisation of NRMA Insurance were not the NRMA members but the other insurance companies.

Dick first contacted me during the 2000 NRMA split-up & demutualisation battle encouraging me to oppose what he knew would be a wrong move for insurance & road service consumers alike.

After NRMA Insurance was demutualised and run for the benefit of large shareholders rather than policyholder/members, Dick & I believed that many people were paying too much for insurance.

As Principal of DGF Financial Services, Dick arranged for me to become its authorised representative in order to be legally able to make recommendations to consumers on how to save money on insurance.

This resulted in my endorsement of an insurer other than NRMA Insurance.
80% of NRMA members continue to ( mistakenly) believe that NRMA Road Service & NRMA Insurance (now owned by IAG) were and are still the same company and this gave my political opponents the opportunity to attack me and remove me from the NRMA board.

Our belief in gaining the best deal for consumers never waned.

Dick also arranged for all profits made by DGH Financial Services from this endorsement to be donated to charity, in this case Alzheimer's Australia.

MAG will keep faith with Dick's belief in the benefits of mutual insurance and our policy will always be to re-establish another mutual insurer

Vale Dick Bennett